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Re: slave - master synchroniztation for bind9

Wojciech Ziniewicz wrote:
> 2009/9/30 Bas Roos <bas@gatlan.nl>:
>> Hey!
>> Retrieving a list of zones that your server is slave for isn't something
>> one can do with any command as far as I know (but maybe someone else
>> knows a solution for this). I'd recommend contacting the owner of the
>> master server and asking for an export of zones that he considers you to
>> be a slave for.
>> Good luck again ;)
> Thank You Bas, but this is my last resort ( complicated bussines case)
>  . Further of course I will turn this slave into master and connect
> new slaves. Generally I have to migrate but this is out of the scope
> of this topic ;)
> So , does anybody know how to get list of zones thru axfr or another
> query in bind9 ?

You can't. The suggestion to turn on query logging is your best bet.


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