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Re: Web file manager suggestion needed

Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Am 2009-09-22 13:48:16, schrieb Thomas Goirand:
>> Hi,
>> Because uploading thousands of files by FTP is both slow and stupid,
> You are stupid, because you  can  not  upload  thousands  using  a  sick
> webinterface.

Right, which is why I want to be able to upload with an ftp client and
then extract the tar.gz using the web tool. Thanks for saying that I'm
stupid without even understanding the obvious, by the way.

> There are Windows AND Linux tools which allow up/downloads
> to and from FTP-Servers within the filemanager.

Oh, was I so stupid that I didn't know what an FTP client was? Is that
what you think?

>> plus quick edition of files is very nice,
> Any GuiFTP Programs can edit files...

That's not the point at all.

>> I am willing to integrate a web file manager for our user to be able to:
>> - see directories
>> - extract or build tar.gz files
>> - quick edit html or text content
>> - etc.
>> The issue is that there are tones of them available on the web, and I
>> have no idea which one to choose.
> Thats YOUR problem.  And of course, they are all sick and slow.

I don't think so. That's the issue of many people have a lot of pain
uploading a big number of files using FTP, while uploading a tar.gz and
extract it would be so fast compared to it.

>> - identified and active upstream author that I can communicate with

Why is that funny?

>> - Good security history
> Will never happen...


>> - Widely used and tested
> Impossibel...

Why too?

>> For a good integration in our web hosting software, I need (these are
>> strong specifics to my needs, but I could contribute them if missing):
>> - Possibility to restrict usage to a specific folder (owned by the user)
>> - easy to integrate in our open source panel that has it's own auth
>> - make and extract tar.gz files (otherwise, what's the point?)
> ANY ISP do code there OWN stuff...

The purpose here is to have something uploaded in Debian, did you
understand that very point? I don't think so...

> How do you want to make a progressbar in the Push-Method?
> Do you want to use a Java-Applet or a Flash-Thing?

There are ways using javascript, but yes, java or flash could be the way
as well.

All together, thanks a lot for this very nasty and impolite reply. I
don't see your point replying this way, this doesn't help anyone, and I
believe that it's annoying a lot of readers here, while I believe that
my concern is legitimate and that many people had the issue as well.


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