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Re: lenny rant

On Thursday 09 April 2009 16:05:30 Jonathan Yu wrote:
> >From the Apache web site:
> Apache 1.3.41 Released 2008-01-19
> The Apache Group is pleased to announce the legacy release of the
> 1.3.41 version of the Apache HTTP Server.
> This version of Apache is principally a security release.
> For further details, see the announcement.
> So it does look to be actively maintained. But I think Apache2 is now
> the recommended version, and Apache1 is only kept around for people
> that refuse to upgrade :P
> I think Apache2 is stable enough to be production-ready at this point,
> at least the 2.0 stream. The active development is happening on Apache
> 2.2.
> If the community finds Apache1 useful, then perhaps we should continue
> to package it. I however cannot volunteer to do so, since I really
> wouldn't know where to start :-)

Thanks for this info Jonathan. I cant really speak for the community but I personally find having a different version of apache very useful as I have a legacy web server that hosts a couple of hundred sites and I'd like to keep it up to date. Nice side effect is that I can PHP4 with it for sites that don't work with PHP5. On top of it - but I agree this is my own problem - I use apache-ssl for XML RPC stuff for setting up services remotely.
It just seems weird that there are all these "exotic" web servers in lenny (I might be wrong but is anyone really using anything other than apache and maybe lighttpd) and one of most widely used servers (my guess) has disappeared


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