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Re: lenny rant

On Thu, Apr 09, 2009 at 05:31:59PM +0100, mimo wrote:
> Thanks for this info Jonathan. I cant really speak for the community but I 
> personally find having a different version of apache very useful as I have a 
> legacy web server that hosts a couple of hundred sites and I'd like to keep it 
> up to date. Nice side effect is that I can PHP4 with it for sites that don't 
> work with PHP5. On top of it - but I agree this is my own problem - I use 
> apache-ssl for XML RPC stuff for setting up services remotely.
> It just seems weird that there are all these "exotic" web servers in lenny (I 
> might be wrong but is anyone really using anything other than apache 

Yes, there are people who use other web servers. Look at the percentage for
nginx in Netcraft's latest survey, for instance:


> and maybe 
> lighttpd) and one of most widely used servers (my guess) has disappeared

You are aware of Apache 2.0's release timeline, right?


It was released on April 6th 2002. That's over seven years ago. It has since
been superceded by Apache 2.2, released in December 2005.

Maybe, just *maybe*, it's time to upgraded your legacy Apache 1.3 setup(s)?


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