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Re: lenny rant

Hi, mimo aka Michael:

On Thursday 09 April 2009 18:31:59 mimo wrote:

> It just seems weird that there are all these "exotic" web servers in lenny
> (I might be wrong but is anyone really using anything other than apache and
> maybe lighttpd) and one of most widely used servers (my guess) has
> disappeared

It is not only not weird but as per policy.

On one hand, you have packages for software at least one person has a use for: 
the maintainer, so it's no surprise there's some other HTTP packages since 
there are other HTTP servers over there which obviously are of use for at 
least one person: it's main developer.  So you can bet that, yes, you are 
wrong: at least the package maintainer has a use for those other HTTP servers 

On the other hand, as for the Apache 1 to 2 transition, it is neither weird.  
You knew about this transition the very day Etch became Stable (that's in the 
supposition you don't give a damn about Debian development so you only 
realize about packages the day they become Stable): once you saw "apache" 
and "apache2" on Etch you knew Apache 1.x would be almost surely unsupported 
by the day Etch+1 (that is, Lenny) became Stable.  As another example for 
a "major" package that was obvious to be unmaintained, you can have a look at 
PostgreSQL 7.x.

As a general matter, Debian maintainers try to do their best for a smooth 
transition having support for a major version of an important package on 
Stable+1 on the understandment that's the last Stable that will support it.  
So if you see Foo v.X supported on Stable and both Foo v.X and v.X+1 
supported on Stable+1 you know that support for Foo v.X will be dropped by 

That means you had about two years to plan your transition (almost four if you 
followed Debian development as you probably should).  And then, you still 
have about ten months ahead to do it (since that's the planned security 
support still available for Etch).

On a side note, if Debian is such an important asset on your bussiness (be it 
for profit or not) you'd better dedicate effort enough to be knowledgeable 
about its ins and outs (it really doesn't matter if we talk about Debian, Red 
Hat, Solaris or Windows on that regard).

But, hey, if Apache 1.x is *so* important to you, you still can package it on 
your own and even make a case for you package being streamlined on Lenny+1 
(if you can make strong enough a case in front of the technical comitee and 
the Apache Foundation is still supporting it by then, that is).

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