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Re: Changing the default simlink to sh [was: Password file with over 3000 users.]

Nate Duehr wrote:
> So the third most popular arch sets the standard?
> That's by itself, the tail wagging the dog.

Actually, we don't have any good statistical basis to compare the number
of i386 and arm systems that use Debian. There are large numbers of
Debian arm systems that various vendors[1] know about, but that do not
participate in the popularity contest.

> And the example of OpenWRT is a bad one, since that's a distro in and of 
> itself -- and it isn't someone loading an ARM machine with Debian.
> They load it with an image from the developers who already knew how to 
> change the shell and strip down Debian already for them.  (They do a lot 
> more than change the shell!)
> Only a handful of people (the OpenWRT team) benefit from a shell change to 
> dash, in your example.

OpenWRT is not based on Debian at all AFAIK. However we do have many
good examples of people loading ARM machines with Debian, the most
commonly-reported two being the nslu2 and the thecus. Arm jumped from
about #8 to #3 in the popcon stats in less than a year, largely due to
people installing it on the nslu2.

see shy jo

[1] Including my employer.

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