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Re: Password file with over 3000 users.

Craig Sanders wrote:
>>> changing something that will break things for the majority in order
>>> to cater for a miniscule minority (embedded systems developers) is a
>>> ludicrous proposition. it makes no sense at all.
>> those things are already broken. using dash as /bin/sh will not break them.
> no, those locally written ARE NOT BROKEN.
> bash has been /bin/sh on debian systems for over a decade. it is
> perfectly reasonable for a local sysadmin to take advantage of the
> non-POSIX features of the debian standard /bin/sh.

I do not agree with that. I think it's a major design error to mistake
between bash and sh and do some *BAD* assumptions like this. You cannot
complain if you did, IMHO. And I do as well think that those locally
written script ARE broken.

> you may choose to write your sh scripts in pure POSIXLY_CORRECT form,
> but that DOES NOT invalidate the choices of others.

Nobody invalidate anything. You can still use bash if you like, as long
as you call it correctly with #!/bin/bash ...

> but forcing your personal desires on everyone else just because you
> think it's better/smaller/neater/more-aesthetically-pleasing or whatever
> stupid reason you have AND because you don't give a shit how many
> systems belonging to other people you break is both brain-damaged AND
> maliciously stupid.

Nobody is brain-damaged because of this. The one who where brain-damaged
are the one that wrote #!/bin/sh when they really wanted to write
#!/bin/bash instead... The replacement of bash by something else CAN be
argued, but NOT the fact that writing #!/bin/sh instead of #!/bin/bash
is a big big mistake when somebody really want to use bash... And you
CANNOT complain after that mistake, IMHO.


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