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Re: Changing the default simlink to sh [was: Password file with over 3000 users.]

> >I don't know for others, but I try to write scripts that would work for
> >many different types of Unix. The SAME script. To me, having a sh shell
> >that is really close to the real sh implementation WILL help in my
> >developments. I DO expect sh to react like sh, and not like bash. I got
> >traped by some bashism when writing scripts, and I really feel like
> >cheated by Debian on that case.

On 26.09.07 15:28, Nate Duehr wrote:
> Why can't you put your chosen sh shell in your shebang, just like  
> you're asking others to be forced to do?

he does - he uses /bin/sh. But some linux lamers (unluckily this means many
of linux distributions) install bash as /bin/sh which is incompatible.

> Good luck with that.  Unix has been fragmented since AT&T System V  
> days.  Deal with it.

Yes, we are tyrying to be compatible, and some bash lamers object against

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