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SOLVED Re: Suggestions wanted for

Joe Emenaker wrote:
Ward Vandewege wrote:
So for what it's worth, the Sil3114 is *not* trash. Sure, it's not the
greatest sata controller in the world (the 3124 is considerably better, for
instance), but it does it's job.
To add yet another data point, take a look at this thread in the kernel devel list where they're discussing how to work around the sil3114's quirks.


I'd like to draw special attention to the part where he says " Silicon Image 311x is fully SATA compliant -- but it's the only controller that sends odd-sized packets to the SATA device. That causes no end of problems...".
So, I got my Promise SATA 300 TX4 in the mail on Friday. I installed it and all of the problems vanished. I was able to run my torture-test script (which constantly creates, copies, and deletes 200MB files...) on the RAID5 array (using 3 of the SATA ports) and a solitary drive on the 4th SATA port all at the same time. I left them running for a few hours, with no data corruption.

Previously, with the Silicon Image 3114 card, I'd get corruption within about 1 minute.

To recap the steps I took:

- Torture-tested a PATA drive while torturing the SATA's, and the SATA's got corrupted and the PATA was fine. - Changed from a 230W power supply to a 380W Antec, and the SATA problem persisted.
(At this point, I was fairly convinced that it wasn't a power-supply issue)
- Tried an identical SYBA Sil3114-based card, and the problem persisted
- Tried an Addonics Sil3114-based card, and the problem persisted.
- Tried a Promise SATA card (the first one I tried that wasn't based upon a Sil3114) and the problem vanished.

My personal conclusion is that there is either something wrong with the 3114's or with the Linux driver for it (since I've not *noticed* any corruption problems with a Windows machine using a Sil3114). Whatever the reason, I'm going to steer clear of Sil3114-based cards from now on. The rest of you are free to do as you wish, of course.

- Joe

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