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Re: Suggestions wanted for

Craig Sanders wrote:
i know that Nvidia chipset SATA controllers ("nv" driver) and Maxtor
drives don't get along.
Well, I'm having trouble with both the 3 WD's in the raid and a standalone Seagate, so I'm suspecting the adaptor. Furthermore, I found this guy (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=331190) who's having what looks to be the exact same problem with a mirrored pair of drives, using the same adaptor, as SYBA SD-SATA-4P. I've actually tried two of these cards and they both do this... so they are prime candidates for the trash at this point.

I brought home an Addonics ADST114 from work and just tried it. Same problem as the SYBA. So I'm suspecting that it's either the Sil3114 or the linux driver for it. The post on the Ubuntu forum said that the guy tried his SYBA in a Windows box and it worked okay, so... I'm starting to wonder.

I've got a Promise SATA300 TX4 on order, which uses a different SATA chip... so we'll see.

- Joe

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