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Re: Suggestions wanted for

On Thu, Mar 08, 2007 at 02:17:28AM -0800, Joe Emenaker wrote:
> I have six *physical* drives: 2 IDE, 4 SATA.  3 of the SATA's are
> in a RAID5, so there are 4 *logical* drives.  Thus far, running my
> torture script on either of the SATA-based logical drives has led
> to filesystem corruption and to the kernel forcing the mount to be
> read-only within about 5 minutes. I've been running the same script on
> one of the IDE drives for a half-hour now and no problems.
> So, until any new data points come in, it's looking like the SATA
> card...

maybe. or it could be an incompatibility between your SATA controller
and your drives - what kind of SATA cont. is it, and what brand drives?

i know that Nvidia chipset SATA controllers ("nv" driver) and Maxtor
drives don't get along. i've got a pair of Maxtors myself (for a raid-1
array) and ran into the problem last year. fortunately, my MB has other
SATA ports on it as well as the nv ports.

The maxtors run fine on different SATA ports, and different drives run
fine on the nv ports.

may not be the probelm but it's worth checking out, anyway.

try a google search for your drive brand and yor sata controller.


craig sanders <cas@taz.net.au>

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