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Re: Postfix, Courier, Maildrop, MySQL - ERR: authdaemon: s_connect() failed: Connection refused

Elias Goldstein wrote:
The following packages have unmet dependencies:
dtc: Depends: mysql-client (>= 3.23.49) E: Broken packages
(I am using the debian repository on ftp.gplhost.com)
I have, as you might guess, mysql-server-4.1 installed - is THAT a
problem? Do I have to convert all my mysql-tables and go back to
mysql-server ???
The only problem is in the package dependency that didn't take care of MySQL 4.1. In fact, the package don't really care, you can safely use --force. Our CVS version has the problem resolved anyway.

Anyway, you are right about the demo, but if I remove it, everybody will yell about "can we see a demo"...


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