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IPCP failing with Enfora GRPS Modem

Dear User Group:

I have an Enfora GSM1218 SAGL modem attached
to my Woody Debian system via a serial port.
The main problem is that IPCP Configure Requests
with the "address" field set to or anything
else fail.  I receive an LCP Terminate-Request with
the error code 0x0B, 0x21  in the data field.
(i.e. At that point the other PPP negotiations have completed
successfully.)  In other words I can't seem to get a dynamic
IP Address.

The sequence of AT commands used to before
bringing up the PPPD are as follows:


Any ideas ?

Best Regards,

Paul R.

Paul Romero

RCOM Communications Software

Phone/Fax: (510)339-2628
E-Mail: paulr@rcom-software.com

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