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Re: Postfix, Courier, Maildrop, MySQL - ERR: authdaemon: s_connect() failed: Connection refused

Kilian Huber wrote:
Hello all,

I'm running Debian Sarge and have installed the packages necessary to
run Postfix, courier-authdaemon and courier-imap with all user
information stored in a MySQL database. I've followed the instructions
on http://workaround.org/articles/ispmail-sarge/

However, this setup does not use maildrop to deliver mails; as I
appreciate maildrops filtering capabilites, I would like to get it to
handle the final delivery.

Without maildrop, delivery works just fine. When I use maildrop, I get
this in the logs:

May 13 16:44:28 fook postfix/pipe[18070]: 7C5969AC140:
to=<xxx@xxx.xxx>, relay=maildrop, delay=0, status=deferred (temporary
failure. Command output: ERR: authdaemon: s_connect() failed:
Connection refused /usr/local/courier-maildrop/bin/maildrop: Temporary
authentication failure. )

This is also what I get when I run maildrop from the command line, e.g:
$ /usr/local/courier-maildrop/bin/maildrop -d xxx@xxx.xxx -V
ERR: authdaemon: s_connect() failed: Connection refused
/usr/local/courier-maildrop/bin/maildrop: Temporary authentication failure.

But authdaemond is running and Courier IMAP works...

When I use the package maildrop from Debian, I get

temporary failure. Command output: /usr/bin/maildrop: Invalid user specified.

But I think that is because this maildrop version is not compiled with
MySQL-Support. So I tried to compile it myself (Version 2.0.2) with
the following:

$ export CPPFLAGS="-I/usr/include/mysql"
$ export LDFLAGS="-L/usr/lib"

$ CC="gcc-3.4" CXX="g++-3.4" CPP="cpp-3.4" \
./configure \
--prefix=/usr/local/courier-maildrop \
--enable-maildropmysql \
--with-mysqlconfig=/usr/local/etc/courier-maildrop/maildropmysql.config \
--with-etcdir=/usr/local/etc/courier-maildrop \
--enable-maildrop-uid=1006 \

But this results in the "s_connect() failed: Connection refused" error
described above...

I am very thankful for any hint, thanks in advance!


Our web hosting package does all what you require, including courier-maildrop, postfix, auth with TLS and so on. If you don't want to use it, at least you can have a try and see the way our installer does. Here are the links:



   Thomas Goirand, GPLHost LLC Manager

P.S: We are still searching for somebody from Debian to upload our package(s) in unstable

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