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Re: Postfix, Courier, Maildrop, MySQL - ERR: authdaemon: s_connect() failed: Connection refused

On Wed, 17 May 2006 10:41:27 +0800, you wrote:

>Well, that's the demo version which is not up-to-date, and this is not 
>fully working because it's a demo version... 

hmm, I would always REMOVE a demo, if it does not work or is not
uptodate - then it´s better to show screenshots only - I think you are
totally underestimating the destroying impact that a broken demo has
on a products reputation...

> Have a try with our current stable!

well, just trying it, but it does not install...

The following packages have unmet dependencies: 
dtc: Depends: mysql-client (>= 3.23.49) 
E: Broken packages 

(I am using the debian repository on ftp.gplhost.com) 

I have, as you might guess, mysql-server-4.1 installed - is THAT a
problem? Do I have to convert all my mysql-tables and go back to
mysql-server ???

Thanks for your attention!

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