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Re: Querying Debian release and dpkg database with SNMP?

Quoting Turbo Fredriksson <turbo@debian.org>:

> Quoting Christian Hammers <ch@debian.org>:
>> Are thery already projects that make the dpkg database available via SNMP? 
> Not that I know of, but I'll be happy to create one.
>> It would be neat to get a list of all servers that still use
>> Debian Woody and need to be updated or already have apache2 installed
>> and thus can be used as configuration example etc...
> So what you need/want is:
>  1. package name
>  2. package version
>  3. description
>  4. package status (installed, removed, purged etc)
>  5. priority
>  6. section
>  7. maintainer
>  8. source
>  9. depends
> 10. recommends
> These not necessarily in one table though...

I think I have something that's look reasonable now. Have a look at
KGB Honduras NORAD Delta Force Legion of Doom NSA AK-47 genetic
Cocaine [Hello to all my fans in domestic surveillance] toluene
munitions kibo DES Qaddafi
[See http://www.aclu.org/echelonwatch/index.html for more about this]
[Or http://www.europarl.eu.int/tempcom/echelon/pdf/rapport_echelon_en.pdf]
If neither of these works, try http://www.aclu.org and search for echelon.

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