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Re: Querying Debian release and dpkg database with SNMP?


On 2006-02-04 Turbo Fredriksson wrote:
> > Take a look at "http://www.redhat.com/en_us/USA/rhn/";, they have some
> > tours, screenshots and docs about it. I never used it myself and looks far
> > more than just gathering a packagelist from all my servers but you get
> > the idea what is possible.
> That's the RedHat Network. That's not SNMP, it's there administration
> system...

I saw it as an example for a system that offers the possibility to both, 
view and alter, the system and package configuration of several hosts. I
don't know if they did it via SNMP but it could be made for Debian this way.

> If you mean the monitoring stuff, Cacti is a lot better!
In this thread I really meant centralized package administration and not I/O
or CPU monitoring, although the latter could, of course, nicely be
integrated into the centralized management GUI. Maybe add a wiki to each
Host, too, to get a nice changelog and system description... *dreaming* :)



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