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Re: Querying Debian release and dpkg database with SNMP?

Quoting Christian Hammers <ch@debian.org>:

> Are thery already projects that make the dpkg database available via SNMP? 

Not that I know of, but I'll be happy to create one.

> It would be neat to get a list of all servers that still use
> Debian Woody and need to be updated or already have apache2 installed
> and thus can be used as configuration example etc...

So what you need/want is:

 1. package name
 2. package version
 3. description
 4. package status (installed, removed, purged etc)
 5. priority
 6. section
 7. maintainer
 8. source
 9. depends
10. recommends

These not necessarily in one table though...

> (A complete management via SNMP like RedHat offers it is another topic
Never heard of. Got a link/page on what it looks like?

> but I hoped that the ready-only solution has already been made, shouldn't
> be so hard, or?)

Not at all. I'd be happy to create one. But what was that about WRITABLE
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