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Re: Querying Debian release and dpkg database with SNMP?

Quoting Christian Hammers <ch@debian.org>:

>> > (A complete management via SNMP like RedHat offers it is another topic
>> >
>> Never heard of. Got a link/page on what it looks like?
> Take a look at "http://www.redhat.com/en_us/USA/rhn/";, they have some
> tours, screenshots and docs about it. I never used it myself and looks far
> more than just gathering a packagelist from all my servers but you get
> the idea what is possible.

That's the RedHat Network. That's not SNMP, it's there administration

If you mean the monitoring stuff, Cacti is a lot better!

But as soon as I have some time on my hand, I'll see what I can do
about the '(Debian) package SNMP monitor'...
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