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Re: Sudden increase in spam?

Hello Jesse,

  For example when use pipe mail to spamc from your .procmailrc, there
  is no place to store that email in case of failure.

  man spamc says this:
-t timeout
   Set the timeout for spamc-to-spamd communications (default: 600, 0
   disables). If spamd takes longer than this many seconds to reply to
   a message, spamc will abort the connection and treat this as a
   failure to connect; in other words the message will be returned

Tuesday, December 20, 2005, 3:53:02, Jesse Molina wrote:

JM> Wow, that doesn't seem right at all!

JM> I remember reading the documentation for such info, but never came
JM> across something like that. I wonder why that would possibly be
JM> desired behavior given the fact that once the message is spooled
JM> to disk, it can be scanned later.

JM> Thanks for the info anyway

JM> Marek Podmaka wrote:
>> Hello Jesse,
>>   Maybe it was some problem with spamassassin. If I remember it right,
>>   if spamc has trouble contacting spamd, it gives original unscanned
>>   email on output.

  bYE, Marki

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