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Re: Why should I use Cyrus?

Hi Dan,

Am 2005-11-17 19:51:31, schrieb Dan MacNeil:

> Mostly, I'm a big RTFM guy, but there isn't a lot to specifically answer 

        :-)     me too!

> the question asked and there may be some answers from this list that 
> can't found in the docs.
> We're moving to Cyrus because it implements parts of the Imap standard 
> that are required for the whole kolab (replace exchange server) thing.

OK, "kolab" is a reason, but...

> It is considered to be faster than alternatives and has features that 
> permit it to handle 10,000s or 100,000s of thousands of users.

My ISP <http://www.freenet.de/> handel around
5.000.000 Accounts with courier-imap-ssl.

> It also has support for mailsieve which looks nicer and faster than 
> procmail and has a few web front ends.

courier has nativ maildrop support.
sqwebmail for courier.  Many others are working too.

But currently I am crating my own with php5, because
I need much more performance.

> I've been playing and monitoring the cyrus list for a few months now. 
> Cyrus has a steep learning curve. --For example, it takes special care 
> to back it up. It looks relatively easy to screw things up so people 
> can't read their mail.


> I think the FAQ says "Not for beginners"



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