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Re: Which Spam Block List to use for a network?

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Francisco Borges <frandebo@latt.if.usp.br> writes:

> I've used (through notespam) for my own private email, the following
> lists:
> Visi (relays.visi.com);
> ORDB (relays.ordb.org);
> SpamCop (bl.spamcop.net);
> dorkslayers (orbs.dorkslayers.com).

Spamcop is what I use.  I recommend it.  I also respectfully demand that
for whatever list you use, you reject it WITHOUT mentioning the
blackhole list.  It's not the list's fault that you decided to use their
listings as grounds for rejection, they don't need flak properly
directed at you.  Furthermore, be sure you have exceptions so mandatory
recipients like postmaster and abuse always accept whether or not the
sending host is listed in a BL or your site will get listed in
rfc-ignorant.org's blacklists around the first time someone who is aware
of rfc-ignorant.org tries to report a mail problem or network abuse.

> After dorkslayers started giving false positive to every single query
> I made to it, I droped it and never used it again.

Dorkslayers is dead, AFAIK.

> SpamCop works fine for my own email, where most people are whitelisted,
> but is said [1] not to be suitable for a production environment and what
> we have here is precisely that...

I use it on a 30-user hobby server with users almost exclusively in
North America.  Your mileage may vary with a larger server.

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Paul Johnson
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