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On Sat, 19 Jun 2004 02:30, Lberti29@aol.com wrote:
> You have lied as far as my winnings I have given what I was supposed to and
> that information is crucial to my identity..I was sent an email that I won
> at my other email address that NOONE knew..I didnt believe it was a hoax..
> I believed it so much that I have given my bank account my ,drivers
> licence, and other crucial information.I even called the NL to speak with

It was all a hoax, any money you have spent has been lost and will never be 

Any information that you gave (such as bank account numbers) should be 
changed.  You mention that they called you, it would probably be best if you 
change your phone number so that they can't call you again.

You appear to be in the US, so contacting the FBI is the best thing for you to 
do.  But as more than a million other USians have been fooled in the same way 
as you it's unlikely that the FBI will be able to spend much time on your 

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