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Which Spam Block List to use for a network?



Due to excess of email delivery requests our email server was getting
jammed; the sysadmin of this one network (not the one my email address
belongs to), IMNSHO irresponsibly and incompetently, downloaded and
started using a Block List from www.spamlist.org, that not only blocks
huge IP blocks /permanently/ but also whole countries (some 25 by

This for a whole faculty inside an international university where about
half of the research staff is foreign. BTW, not only he did that, he
also did not mention it to nobody...

The whole thing backslashed (Surprise!!) and now we don't have any list
in place.

Despite not being my responsibility this does affect my email and since
I'm in position to make recomendations, I'm researching the topic.



We need to use some form of Block List at the connection level,

I've used (through notespam) for my own private email, the following
Visi (relays.visi.com);
ORDB (relays.ordb.org);
SpamCop (bl.spamcop.net);
dorkslayers (orbs.dorkslayers.com).

After dorkslayers started giving false positive to every single query I
made to it, I droped it and never used it again.

SpamCop works fine for my own email, where most people are whitelisted,
but is said [1] not to be suitable for a production environment and what
we have here is precisely that...


Since I've only used this sort of thing at "personal email level" I'm
wondering if anyone here could provide me with information over which
would be a responsible and unbiased [*] Block List for an
*international* production environment.

[*]: Several "Block Lists" seem to be highly biased, if not prejudiced,
in the sense that they will easily block huge chunks of IP space from
some countries but will hardly do so for ISPs within other countries.

Thank you for your attention,
Francisco Borges
Alfa Informatica - RuG

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