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Cyrus / Sieve


I'm looking for some information about the cyrus email system.  Is cyrus worth 
it?  Is it significantly more management overhead than a more typical 
user/imap system?

Currently I am using postfix/courier-imap/mysql to manage all email and I'm 
very happy with it, my customers can create their own email accounts and 
manage their own aliases.

However, I'd like to make a more polished "product" and I'm wondering if cyrus 
offers any significant advantages.  I've been hunting for a blow-by-blow 
comparison of cyrus versus "standard" mail implementations but haven't found 

One feature I'd like to add to my system is server based email filtering for 
clients, this way whether they use webmail or something like Outlook their 
filtering policies could still apply.  Are there email clients that can 
directly manipulated sieve scripts?

Any pointers to documentation and feedback from experienced cyrus admins 
greatly appreciated!

Fraser Campbell <fraser@wehave.net>                 http://www.wehave.net/
Georgetown, Ontario, Canada                               Debian GNU/Linux

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