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Re: Cyrus / Sieve

If you use cyrus21 from debian with pam as authentication it's
a fast and easy installation - thanks to Henrique de Moraes Holschuh!
We're using a backport to stable without problems.

For sorting email between your subfolders or managing spam by scores etc.
SIEVE is unbeatable and undepended of your client.

But I don't know about a client to manipulate your personal script.
I've written a short perl script for it. Use 'Cyrus::SIEVE::managesieve' in your script
and be happy about immediate syntax checking after a 'sieve_put_file_withdest()'.


PS: Can't imagine how it was possible to live without SIEVE. :)

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> Hi,
> I'm looking for some information about the cyrus email system.  Is cyrus worth 
> it?  Is it significantly more management overhead than a more typical 
> user/imap system?
> Currently I am using postfix/courier-imap/mysql to manage all email and I'm 
> very happy with it, my customers can create their own email accounts and 
> manage their own aliases.
> However, I'd like to make a more polished "product" and I'm wondering if cyrus 
> offers any significant advantages.  I've been hunting for a blow-by-blow 
> comparison of cyrus versus "standard" mail implementations but haven't found 
> much.
> One feature I'd like to add to my system is server based email filtering for 
> clients, this way whether they use webmail or something like Outlook their 
> filtering policies could still apply.  Are there email clients that can 
> directly manipulated sieve scripts?
> Any pointers to documentation and feedback from experienced cyrus admins 
> greatly appreciated!
> Thanks
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