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RE: SEARCH attack


  Really this kind of stuff, whilst annoying and irritating in 
 many ways, is just background noise on todays internet.

  Patch your boxes, and ignore exploit attempts that affect other



I have to agree, a handful of years ago when I started on line I used to
report, such stuff, I learned,

1) Looking for admin emails in DNS for a zone etc, shows that 50% or more
are wrong.

2) 99% of the remainder never replied, and appeared to do nothing if they
did receive it.

3) Their ISP's didn't care either.

4) The remaining didn't know how to fix, or just threw abuse back.

So mostly your just wasting your time, Windows boxes will be and will
continue to be hacked left right and centre.

Joe Dumb will continue to put their as is wee home based XP, win2k (even
Linux now) web server on the end of their ADSL/cable so that people can look
at family pictures with no clue beyond, "hey it works isn't it neat". So for
the foreseeable future propagation of worms, Trojans and spam relays will
continue to exist and multiply.

just ignore it and get on with your life.



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