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Re: Cyrus / Sieve


* Fraser Campbell <fraser@georgetown.wehave.net> [2004-06-08 15:16]:
> I'm looking for some information about the cyrus email system.  Is cyrus worth 
> it?  Is it significantly more management overhead than a more typical 
> user/imap system?

We have been using it for more than half a year now. At the beginning it
was strange that Users didn't get a mailbox automatically but it turns
out to be an advantage for us (seperating different types of User

> Currently I am using postfix/courier-imap/mysql to manage all email and I'm 
> very happy with it, my customers can create their own email accounts and 
> manage their own aliases.

We are using postfix/cyrus here where postfix is delivering mail locally
via lmtp and cyrus authenticates Users using saslauthd/pam. In a testing
environment we are experimenting with LDAP at the moment and it works
quite nicely.

> However, I'd like to make a more polished "product" and I'm wondering if cyrus 
> offers any significant advantages.  I've been hunting for a blow-by-blow 
> comparison of cyrus versus "standard" mail implementations but haven't found 
> much.

AFAICT the major advantage is scalability. Although our user base is
quite small (~300) it's supposed to work perfectly for ten-thousands of
Users. Another cool thing - which we don't yet use - is the
mail-partition feature which alows you to spread the Users mailboxes
over differnt file-systems.

We decided to use Cyrus because it brings IMAP and POP3 support in one
'package' and it perfectly supports TLS/SSL secured connections.

Hope that is usefull.

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