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Re: Little BIG problem with Backbone

Am 2004-04-11 06:24:56, schrieb Arnt Karlsen:
>On Sat, 10 Apr 2004 02:02:35 +0200, Michelle wrote in message 
><[🔎] 20040410000234.GM12143@freenet.de>:

>> OK, between 8 and 12. 
>> He was meaning, thats a real chiffre.
>..thats like 70 to 110 mill euros.

Right, devided by 11.

>> Oll Users have a fixed IP-Address and security is VPN/pptp (Included 
>> since Win98) and downlodable for Win95. 
>..trivial.  As is bandwidth throttling.  
>> "Maxina" I do not know and I will check it out.
>..this is a "billable traffic metering" server product, no?  
>I think I've seen such stuff, under the GPL too.  
>Viable with hotels, airports or cybercafe's, but 
>defeats the fat pipe idea elsewhere, IMHO.

My Lucent ORINOCO and my Proxim Tsunami can shape the traffic.

ORINOCO:  64/128/256/512 kBit
Tsunami:  64/128/256/512 kBit 1/2/5,5 MBit

BUT (!!!) not in the standard version. If you mean, you can buy the 
Tsunami fot 1700 Euro, FALSE !!! This is only the residencial Gateway !

For Trafficschaping and User-Accounting you need the "Outdoor Router 
Software". And the costs of your Tsunami will explode to 5000 Euro. 
Than you need the Relays, because the "Central Outdoor Router" is on 
the roof of your office. and for each Relay you need two WaveLAN cards 
and two antennas... Price for a full "Remote Outdoor Router" to support 
roaming is around 6800 Euro. 

So with a System of on channel 54 MBit (effectiv 40 MBit) you need one 
COR and 3-4 ROR. Supportet surface around 50/400 km2 (Strasbourg/Marrakech)

Price 25-32.000 Euro
It must be rentable in less then two years => 1333 Euro/month

How many customers ? 

  64k	640	-> 25 Load	->	2560 Customers	= 0,52 Euro/Cust.
 128k	320				1280 Customers	= 1,04 Euro/Cust.
 256k	160				 640 Customers	= 2,08 Euro/Cust.
 512k	 80				 320 Customers	= 4,17 Euro/Cust.
Is it Rentable ?

The "Maroc Telecom" like to bill me 450.000 DH/34MBit and I need two.
which mean 82.000 Euro/month

260 Customers		=	 32 Euro/month ( 64 kBit)
1280 Customers		=	 64 Euro/month (128 kBit)
 640 Customers		=	128 Euro/month (256 kBit)
 320 Customers		=	256 Euro/month (512 kBit)

The current price for ADSL in Maroc is:


128 kBit	 750 MByte/day		 359 DH =  32,64 Euro/month
256 kBit	1500 MByte/day		 859 DH =  78,10 Euro/month
512 kBit	2500 Mbyte/day		1609 DH = 146,27 Euro/month

and for the Installtion 700 DH (63,63 Euro)

>..chk my link in my other reponse to you. ;-)


>...<card benchmark snip>...

The are test in the PC-Direct too. 

Do you know, why they do not test the ORINOCO GoldCards 
or the ones from CISCO ?  ;-)

c't and PC-Direct are sponsered...

NOT from Lucent or CISCO !!!

>...and when you buy several thousand cards, you get what 
>specs you want, for a fair bit less.

I think, if I ask Proxim for 10.000 54MBit Cards I do not 
pay 109 Euro per card ;-)

>> Also he told me, that I need between 7 and 10 RadioBridges for a 
>> distance of 300 km because the turn of the Earth.
>..or, one or 2 of my relay drones.

How does this work exactly ?
Tell me more about it, may be PM.

>..how about taking Tangier or Tetouan first?  Allows connecting to
>Spain, Algeria or Gibraltar, and should cut link pricing "next time".

Yes I know. The "Maroc Telecom" has its POP to Spain and SeaBone in 
Tetouan and I have contacted several Providers in the Region ;-)

>From Spain it will be around 80 km Seacable ;-)

>..also, consider adding the cities along the link spans, to the link
>market, adding these to flying relays, is trivial and should be

That is what my contacts in Maroc told me too, beginning in Tetouan 
and three Links (1=Atlantic coast, 2=Fes, 3=Algerian frontier)

I have a contact to an ISP in Kabily and he told me yesterday, that 
an BGP-4 Connection to Algeria is no problem...

>> Now I like to check up the possibilities. 
>..  ;-)

It is realy heavy !

>..after those 8 weeks, then what?

I think, this is not a project which can be done in 8 weeks. ;-)

>> >IMHO you will need Moroc Telecom in one way or the other. At all for 
>> >your connecivity. It's pretty similar in all countries.
>..uhmmm, with my relay drones, there is also wiring in Algeria,
>the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, mainland Spain and Gibraltar.
>This eventually builds an incentive on the local telecom. ;-)
>..and, is Maroc Telecom, or are the Maroccans really really really 
>not interested in building a couple of new industries?  ;-)

Curently the "Maroc Telecom" is the only Provider for ISP's, because 
the "Maroc Telecom" hold all the cables and technic. 

There is a study (in french) of the ANRT about the quality Internet.
Too expensive, bad quality, linedrops, bad Uplinks...

There is no other solution for ISP's in Maroc as using the "IAM"

Greetings and happy Estern

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