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Little BIG problem with Backbone


because I am in paning of a CyberCenter Network in Marocco the idea is 
exploding !!! Exactly, I need very much Backbone-Power which can not 
provided from the "Maroc Telecom"

They offer me only E3 with 34 MBit !!!

And 34 MBit for 450.000 DH/month (41.000 Euro/month)

Only my Proxim Tsunami MP.11a (12 Access Points) support 216 MBit or 
effectiv 160 MBit and this only in one city !!!

Now there are some enterprises in Marocco which had ask me, why not 
installing a second Internet-Network !!! 

Oh yes, ist is no problem !!!
We need only a dual GigaBit Fiberoptic Sea-Cable from Espain to Marocco !

What a joke !

OK, crazy, but I have contacted CISCO for some routers ;-) and some 
other Manufacturs for Radio-Bridges (34 - 155 MBit and 1 GBit)

Now my Question:

Creating a Local GBit-Network in Marocco is generaly no Problem, it 
is not a big difference between it and my local network, exept I need 
a little bit more cable. 

BUT how does it work with the Connection to the Internet, exactly to 
the other Backbones ? 

Any Informations are Welcome...

Greetings and nice Easter.

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