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Re: SpeedTouch Home Problem

s wrote:

I have been stuck for month now. I bought a Speed Touch Home modem from e-bay UK.
I use WinXP pro and IE, ISP tiscali.co.uk. I could never connect to the internet with this ST Home.
Error message "Error to apply bridge 0/38 port unable".  I begin to believe this modem is eithe
incompatible with XP or my ISP. What is your thought? Do u have any experience? Please advise. Thanks.

Please do not use recipient confirmation on mailing lists. Please use wrapped lines in your message. Please do not post Xp problems in a debian list.

The 0/38 message sounds like wrong VPI/VCI settings. They are usually carrier-dependant, so the modem may still be set for a foreign adsl line. This should be visible when the modem doesn't finish syncing.

Take a look at the webconfig (or telnet) on the modem. It's default IP is (or, don't remember).

Also double check if your model is isdn/pots, and if this is correct for your line.


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