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Re: Little BIG problem with Backbone

Hello Arnt, 

Am 2004-04-09 18:23:03, schrieb Arnt Karlsen:
>On Fri, 9 Apr 2004 16:03:06 +0200, Michelle wrote in message 
><[🔎] 20040409140305.GA12046@freenet.de>:

>> They offer me only E3 with 34 MBit !!!
>> And 34 MBit for 450.000 DH/month (41.000 Euro/month)
>..dude.  For that kinda money, I could hang you a few relay drones over
>the Mediterranean.  

In germany I have payed for a Redunant E3 at UUnet around 
10.000 Euro/month and then the traffic :-/ around 25.000 Euro/month. 

Oh yes, In Germany You get the Acces realy cheap, 
but you pay for the traffic !

>> Only my Proxim Tsunami MP.11a (12 Access Points) support 216 MBit or 
>> effectiv 160 MBit and this only in one city !!!
>..huh?  These AP's are 54 Mbit, no?  I can buy 12 of these 

Yes, but you can only use 4 Channels paralel of the 19.

>side by side doing your 160 to 216MBit range, this fits the 
>30-50% bw performance I see everywhere else.

The 54 MBit are only Theory !
Practical you can get around 40 MBit for each channel.

So if I install for example 4 Channels in Casablance I 
have around 40% of all resources there !

But, if I calculate with 5-6 E3-Links and 42.000 Euro per Link, 
I will necer earn money with it !

>> Now there are some enterprises in Marocco which had ask me, why not 
>> installing a second Internet-Network !!! 
>> Oh yes, ist is no problem !!!
>> We need only a dual GigaBit Fiberoptic Sea-Cable from Espain to
>> Marocco !
>> What a joke !
>..you sound like I can charge you more, for fancier drones?  ;-)

I have friend in Marocco for more then 23 years, and I have 
done there very much, NOW the are thinkin, I can do ALL !!! 

Generaly right, but I need enough time for learning

Curently I am preparing only a study about this project and 
its possibility. I think realy it can be done...

>Fuel cells, hydrogen power, Warbird re-enactment game servers, 
>steam video stream servers?  Realism suggests glider type looks, 
This will kill my WaveLAN ;-)

>solar cells and batteries and electric loiter "cruise" power, and 
Regenerativ Energies are sibsidized (I was thinking to install the 
WaveLAN Relays with SolarPower)

>> OK, crazy, but I have contacted CISCO for some routers ;-) and some 
>> other Manufacturs for Radio-Bridges (34 - 155 MBit and 1 GBit)
>..sizes, weights, and power etc requirements?

It depends, because

1)  If I have only a NetworkCenter (4 x OC-3) for my CyberCenter 
    project, I need only RadioBridges which supports E1, E2 and 
    E3 and OC-3

2)  If I support paralel to 1) commercial Users (End and ISP), I 
    need a bigger Backbone like 2 x 1 GBit which mean, I need 
    GBit RadioBridges maybe up to 1,8 GBit too. 
    The price is realy heavy (around 27.000 US$ each ) and they 
    support not more the 20km and you need many Briges...
    What I need is a study about installing wired ! 
    Dont know the price for the special cable, the Repeaters, ...

>..well, if you reel out a fiber spool or buy my relay drones, I guess 
>you'll still need at least one gateway isp, a full set of new isp
>servers, staff, and ofcourse at least one ip range, to set up your 
>new Maroccan isp.  

I was thinking about minimum two independant and 100% redunant ISP's. 
OK, I have already 26 Server prepared, but it is only for the 
CyberCenter and can support up to 100.000 customers . 

Bigger Backbone need bigger Servers...
So 100 MBit FullDuplex will not enough.

>..fiber you know, relay drones loiter at altitude with line of sight to
You mean via Satelit ?
I have read an Documentation that one Satelit Link can support 
up to 50 MBit. Is this right ?

But there are already concurence:  <http://www.directsky.net/>

>both ends, carrying bridges, so both ground startions point link
>antennas to that spot half way across the sea, say at 60000ft, to 
>stay out of the way of airliners etc.  Can even use wifi gear.

OK, this is logicaly

>..and over cities, access point server drones, with bandwidth
>throttling, loitering at anywhere from 1000 to 20000ft? 
>(Or 60000ft, to stay clear of the airliner etc traffic.)

I can use the Proxim Tsunami MP.11a which sopports with the 
Outdoor Router Software upgrade Traffic Shaping from 64 kBit 
to some MBit (do not know exactly)


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