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Re: Little BIG problem with Backbone


Before all this begins to get silly:
You are playing with amount of money which I would not concern as pennyware. As from you mails before, it's clearly to recognize that you haven an idea, but no concept nor the skills you need. You will need probably consultants who help you to find a concept that works - in financial and technical concerns.

Some technical questions:

_ How will you do the accounting for wireless connections? Security? To "shoot from the hip" I would recommend Maxina (www.maxina.de) _ Did You know that Satellite Communictions has huge latencey ( 2 * 36000Km distance ... I guess you won't be able to get a ping below 500ms) _ Scalabilty? How many users can an accesspoint (Tsunami et al.) take? It's probably not an bandwidth concern ... _ Did you know that "100% ISPs" are generally nothing else than "99,x% ISPs" when it comes to reality? The only advantage is, that you give you some pence if they violate their SLA. _ Did you know that "54Mbit" 802.11a doesn't really give you 54 Mbit in realiy? (huge overhead, all German readers: C'T benchmarked it)
_ For reliable wireless LAN you need line of sight or very close distance
_ 34Mbit and 155Mbit "radio" LAN Connection Equipment is far better than 802.x but very expensive and maybe shitty to when it comes to "noise" concerns. LaserLinks are more reliable but don't work in foggy environments.

What you try to build up is an ISP + Carrier + Datacenter. Whooo much stuff. There specialists out that only do one of there three things and all have much to do with olny one area ....

But that does not mean that you project is impossible, but what you need to know can't be learned in 8 weeks .... IMHO you will need Moroc Telecom in one way or the other. At all for your connecivity. It's pretty similar in all countries.


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