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Moving Sites

Stupid Question: I have about 50 web sites and a few hundred e-mail accounts to move to a new
server. New IP address, etc... Web sites are no problem, but I do not want my clients to
notice any problems with e-mail. They have IMAP available, so many of the clients store their
e-mail on the server.

Any ideas on how to move the e-mail accounts seamlessly. I have all their MX records pointing
to one address: mail.dailydata.net.

I have rsync'd all the files over, and can do it again whenever, but that won't work as they
will be checking their mail on one machine while, I assume, some might be delivered to the
other, older server (I was planning on keeping the old server up a few days in case I screw

Guess is boils down to this. When I update the address of mail.dailydata.net, it can take up
to 72 hours for that change to perculate throughout the net, so I'm assuming some places will
still try to send to the old IP and, if I leave that box on, be delivered to it. If I turn the
other box off, I'm assuming they will bounce.

Am I creating a problem that doesn't exist?

Thanks for any comments/help.

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