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Re: Best way to update perl on Woody Stable ?

On Thu, 2003-10-09 at 16:14, Rod Rodolico wrote:
> You could install the CPAN module on your current system, then use it to update Perl.
> CAVEAT: CPAN and Debian have, in the past, placed Perl in two separate locations. When I did
> this before, I did have a problem configuring Perl correctly afterwards. It (CPAN) is mainly
> designed, from what I saw, to update a Standard perl installation, standard being whatever
> CPAN (the organization) says it is (which is pretty standard).
> Other than that, I don't know. Look at http://cpan.org/ports/index.html for one thing. But,
> I'm not sure if any of these will break a Debian install.
> Rod

Thanks Rod. I tried that awhile ago today and it puked.

shell-init: could not get current directory: getcwd: cannot access
parent directories: No such file or directory
        Everything is up to date. Type '/usr/bin/make test' to run test
  /usr/bin/make  -- OK
Running make test
Couldn't chdir to /root/.cpan/build/perl-5.8.1 at
/usr/share/perl/5.6.1/CPAN.pm line 5480

I have a friend is one the best perl guys around so I'll ask him 
about it, but he doesn't like Debian and rolls his own distro.


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