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Re: Email Server Q.

On Wed, 8 Jan 2003 13:23, Konstantin Kostadinov wrote:
> Yes the packages are new and the update if faster than stable but what
> about security in sid ? And is a good idea to update main email server
> daily ?

There are no security updates for sid.  New versions have security fixes, but 
there is no separate repository for security-patched packages, and there are 
no formal announcements for security patched packages.

Tracking unstable every day will deal with the security issues, but it isn't 
something you want to do on a machine that is supposed to be reliable.

> > I suggest considering IMP.  According to my colleagues IMP has more
> > features, although it requires a lot more CPU power to run it.
> Tanks I'll try it, it seems that this is better than sqwebmail.
> Hardware on PC that will be mail server is pIII 1GHz 512Ram 2x8GB SCSI with
> 200-300 users, i thing that the machine will survive with IMP on it ?

A user-base of 300 users should be fine on such a machine.  It probably 
wouldn't handle 300 people checking their mail at the same time though.

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