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Re: Email Server Q.

On Wed, Jan 08, 2003 at 01:17:52PM +0200, Konstantin Kostadinov wrote:
> I'm now building email server and my questions in that moment are:
> what distro to use ?, 
I'm currently having a similar situation, with slightly different 
flavor, and i also dont know which would be best (or at least 

My situation:
 .) A volume of 30/30 Emails (not counting spam or similar) send and 
recieved per day.
 .) all emails (incoming/outgoing) are stored for searching 
 .) all mails should be on the server, accessed via IMAP
 .) Capable to do a fulltext-search via WEB-Interface, of non/english 
(latin1) and similar encoding-types.
 .) spam and virus checking (spamassassin & amavis-ng ?)
 .) Access should not slow down to much after a couple of months (~1800 
Mails per year, to be accessable)
 .) a little bit of user-masquerading on outgoing mails.
 .) Plenty of hardware ressources (new machine with 1GB Ram & 1,5 Ghz 
CPU) but also doing other stuff.
Postgresql and mnogosearch with antiword and others are 
currently under testing, to index word/rtf/dos-word documents 
with non english encoding from 1995 until now, 

so i would prefer a sql-database in the background, but if maildir or MH 
boxes would do the same thing without slowing down after a couple of 
hundred mails in one box, its fine with me.

also, the mails stored in whatever format should be backuped every day 
in the night, so hopefully it should be possible to extract everything 
needed to a 4 Gig Dat-Tape (document-archiv & mail-archiv, but not the 
indexes or other junk from the database to keep it small)

exim, postfix, qmail, courier ?
amavis and spamassassin ?

Many thanks in advance,
  Felix Erkinger

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