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Email Server Q.

I know that the topic is discussed many times but i want to ask again. 
I'm now building email server and my questions in that moment are:

what distro to use ?, i use woody but is this the right choice ?, if i use testing or unstable is there better for config and update  MTA,AntiVirus,Antispam,LDAP,Webmail packages found ?

I want to know what distro and packages are used for "murphy.debian.org" - this mashine is legendary for me ;) 

After research in isp deb. list i found that the good configuration is postfix+courier-pop3-ssl of cource amavis-postfix and some antispam solution but i do not know what to use (antispam).
For WebMail - sqwebmail and postfix-snap-ldap.

In Woody the pipe between amvis-postfix and the postfix is realy big-bad-work :( 
If someone have the right master.cf posfix snapshot config file configured for amavis-postfix for woody and want to share it i'll be very grateful.

So in two words my Q. is what packs is good idea to fight with ;)

And one lateral question. - some good packs for statistic per user for lan gateway for internet traffic ?



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