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Re: Email Server Q.

On Wed, 8 Jan 2003 12:17, Konstantin Kostadinov wrote:
> what distro to use ?, i use woody but is this the right choice ?, if i use
> testing or unstable is there better for config and update 
> MTA,AntiVirus,Antispam,LDAP,Webmail packages found ?

Unstable has newer versions of some of this software.  Newer Postfix, newer 
Apache, newer PHP, and newer anti-virus software.  We are still getting new 
versions and new applications included in unstable (and they move a week or 
so later to testing).

But woody generally works well and isn't as likely to have bugs that affect 

> For WebMail - sqwebmail and postfix-snap-ldap.

I suggest considering IMP.  According to my colleagues IMP has more features, 
although it requires a lot more CPU power to run it.

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