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Re: Evolution/Courier-IMAP acting strange

On Sun, 2002-12-29 at 13:58, Pete Billson wrote:
> Justin,
>  1) The extraneous files should not affect things - I just tried adding
> them to my ~/Maildir to confirm this and still everything works OK.

good.. think I may move them to ~/.procmail soon just for tidyness..

>  2) There should be a ~/Maildir/courierimapuiddb file that lists the
> contents of your INBOX. Does this exist?

Yes - also, I was able to unsubscribe from all 50 or so of my folders,
including INBOX, close Evo, then start it back up and subscribe to them
all again (INBOX first).  seems to be ok now, but we'll see how long.

Also, my wife's account had this same problem this morning after the
switch-over.  I was able to fix hers by unsubscribing from all folders,
removing the account, and setting it up from scratch.

>  3) There should also be a ~/Maildir/courierimapsubscribed file which
> listed your subscribed folders.

yep.  It did not list INBOX earlier when I was subscribed - I tried
adding it manually to no avail.

>  4) All sub-mailboxes should also have the new,cur,tmp directories (i.e.
> ~/Maildir/.debianlists/new) and they should have there own
> courierimapuiddb file.

yep.. I converted all of my folders to maildir over the last couple of
weeks hoping to kill uw-imap and go to courier (uw slowwww).

>  5) Logs show anything?

I'm figuring it's an Evolution oddity.  We'll see if the problem pops up
again, perhaps I'll bring it up on an Evolution discussion list and see
if I can reproduce the problem.  I'm fairly sure it's nothing to do with
courier at this point -- as I said, Squirrelmail works just fine :)



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