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Re: Evolution/Courier-IMAP acting strange

On Sun, 2002-12-29 at 13:09, Pete Billson wrote:
> Justin,
>   I am running the same setup here (Evolution 1.0.8) and Woody with
> courier-imap-ssl and just tried going in and out of my IMAP inbox
> without trouble. I am running maildir (not mbox) so that may be a
> difference and I also do not have 350 message in my inbox! :-)

I am using Maildir, and as I said it works _just_ fine if I delete and
re-add the account.  Also works fine via Squirrelmail (which is an imap
client).  I wasn't aware that courier supported mbox mailboxes at all
(it only sees the Maildirs in my ~/Maildir).

>   If you send step-by-step how to create your problem, I can see if I
> can reproduce it here.

I had an INBOX.default maildir in ~/mail, along with tons of other
folders.  I converted to courier this morning and moved ~/Mail to
~/Maildir, renamed all folders from foo to .foo, and moved tmp, cur, and
new from ~/Maildir/INBOX.default to ~/Maildir/ so that the hierarchy
that courier prefers would all be in place.  All seemed well until I
noticed after surfing through some of my mailing lists that I couldn't
open INBOX (~/Maildir) anymore.  I can send new messages and see the new
message count increment, but I can't access it.

>   Will unsubscribing and then resubscribing to the IMAP folders fix the
> problem also?


I was about to say that I thought you couldn't unsubscribe from INBOX,
but oddly enough I was never subscribed to INBOX (when I first added the
IMAP account, INBOX shows up as per default).  I did try subscribing to
it, which doesn't change the behavior.

>   Have you tried an inbox with fewer messages to see if that will solve
> your problem?

I s'pose I could try this, but I'm afraid I'll split off messages
between two inboxes and have trouble merging them.

>   I have run into problems using Outlook with Courier and very large
> mbox files.

Once again, using maildir this shouldn't be an issue.  My INBOX has the
least messages of all, compared to ~6 months of debian-* lists, lugs,

I'm wondering if extraneous files in ~/Maildir could be a problem. 
There are msgid.lock and msgid.cache files from procmail/formail keeping
track of duplicate messages - should these be moved to ~/.procmail ?


Justin Ryan <justin@gnubia.net>

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