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Re: Evolution/Courier-IMAP acting strange

On December 29, 2002 01:39 pm, the fabulous Justin Ryan wrote:

> I've got a server running Debian woody with courier-imap-ssl (just moved
> over from uw-imap this morning).  Everything is working great (esp. in
> comparison to uw), but for some reason after the first couple of times I
> open INBOX, Evolution says 'This folder cannot contain messages',
> although it recognizes that there are ~350 messages in INBOX.

I just tried it an got exactly the same behaviour.  I'm running Debian 
unstable, I have courier-imap 1.6.1-2 and evolution 1.2.0-4.  Normally I use 
kmail so I never noticed that evolution was having trouble.

I tried removing and recreating the account with no success, I then tried 
removing various evolution config files and directories.  That led to an 
interesting observation ... even when removing ~/evolution, ~/.gnome/ and 
~/.gconf/ evolution still knew my email settings.  I hunted around for the 
phantom config files that evolution was obviously reading but found none, 
finally I did an strace.

Evolution (at least in Debian unstable) reads the directory 
/tmp/orbit-username/ ...

After an "rm -rf /tmp/orbit-fraser/" I started Evolution and actually got a 
clean slate.

I suggest you try removing /tmp/orbit-whoever to see if it cleans up the 
problem, evolution might be grabbing some outdated config information from 


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