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Re: Evolution/Courier-IMAP acting strange

 1) The extraneous files should not affect things - I just tried adding
them to my ~/Maildir to confirm this and still everything works OK.

 2) There should be a ~/Maildir/courierimapuiddb file that lists the
contents of your INBOX. Does this exist?

 3) There should also be a ~/Maildir/courierimapsubscribed file which
listed your subscribed folders.

 4) All sub-mailboxes should also have the new,cur,tmp directories (i.e.
~/Maildir/.debianlists/new) and they should have there own
courierimapuiddb file.

 5) Logs show anything?

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On Sun, 2002-12-29 at 14:18, Justin Ryan wrote:

> Once again, using maildir this shouldn't be an issue.  My INBOX has the
> least messages of all, compared to ~6 months of debian-* lists, lugs,
> etc..
> I'm wondering if extraneous files in ~/Maildir could be a problem. 
> There are msgid.lock and msgid.cache files from procmail/formail keeping
> track of duplicate messages - should these be moved to ~/.procmail ?

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