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email block lists

Hello, (only sending to the Debian ISP list).

Although the talk of email block lists was getting
somewhat out of hand it is an extremely important subject.

If some good could come from talk on this subject
I would be most happy. For now please lets stop
looping Joe Jared and iAdvantage. We probably all do
see the problem and already agree with at least one
side of the issue.

Sorry that this is a bit Long.
If it's not long enough you could read
"Stopping Spam on Your Linux Box"
By Suresh Ramasubramanian
A Debian - ISP version of this article
is what I am looking for.

What tools do we have in Debian to stop SPAM?

This is in fact a general Linux problem, with so
many tools to do almost the same things it is hard
to keep up. Not to mention that some of the best
ideas have poor implementations. Debian is getting
a bit crufty isn't it?

So back to the SPAM problem.
I am getting so paranoid that I do not provide SMTP
service to my customers!!
And that is not enough, SPAMs are using URLs and
reply addresses on my systems..

Could I stop spam going though i.e. out of my server?
(limit number of sent mails from my (rouge) customer?)

What can I do if only one of my 16000 customers
is guilty of spam and and my hosts IP address ends
up on some blocking lists?

To stop spam coming in..
First thing, confirm correct DNS configuration
of the source. From what I understand most
spam comes from systems that have incorrect
or no real DNS configuration.
How do I do this, Woody, sendmail?

Using blocking lists...
I have customers all over the world so (that is on reason)
I would not like to base my blocking on language or location.

Filters for all my users can not be any kind of "shoot from
the hip" system. A less efficient system that would allow
all legitimate mail to come through would be my choice.

Having a system where individual users could tailor the
filtering would be excellent.
Razor looks good. http://razor.sourceforge.net/

I would like to mark suspected spam to be flagged but
not deleted. At the moment I would not be willing to
trust any system to delete my mail for me.

Are there mail readers with hooks to work with
peer-cooperation filtering systems.

Where is the short list of tools and some comparison
of the quality and usability?
HOWTOs on installation and configuration?

What else can I do?

Ragnar Gudmundsson

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