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Re: failure notice (about relays.osirusoft.com)

> > I suppose because I notice these things first I tend to be the
"bringer of
> > bad news" to people and hence get flamed most. Oh well.
> Why not bring the news to people who run those Asian ISPs?

Because i can't possibly start teaching hundreds... possibly thousands of
chinese net admins english, just so they can read spam reports.

It would be like saying... why can't I educate the USA and western
spammers to stop abusing chinese networks and servers?


why can't I teach the anti-spammers to speak some chinese so chinese
admins could understand them?

Wasn't the saying "understand thy enemy... be one with them" known? In
that case... if chinese admins are the enemy, why not learn enough chinese
to send the spam complaints in chinese?

Blah... somehow I don't think this is going anywhere. USA and western
spammers will continue to find fault in chinese networks and servers to
kingdom come. Perhaps the chinese admins should block USA mail traffic
altogether so USA and western spammers can no longer abuse chinese
networks. What say?

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