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Re: mail-config?


El jue, 01-08-2002 a las 22:44, Donovan Baarda escribió:
> courier-ssl, courier-base, courier-authdaemon. If you follow all the
> dependancies, courier-imap-ssl includes all the dependancies of uw-imapd
> except libc-client-ssl2001, which is 913kB... 

> However, I still feel a little uneasy about running a seperate authdaemon
> and serverdaemon just for pop/imap.

If you worry about used space and running lots of different software
consider qmail and pop3 to get mail off to the local network.

It does also work very well with dial-up lines, usind maildirsmtp.

You get all parts from one "provider" and the programs are astonishing

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