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Re: mail-config?

> What should I install to get mail to work?
> I have a small network:
> -1 debian gateway
> -2 debian boxes
> -4 Win98 PC (sorry, the kids are teached at school with word, excel etc.)

> Frank.

I'd suggest Postfix/Courier IMAP. If you have the mail hosted 
elsewhere on an POP or IMAP server then add fetchmail to get 
the mail and dump it into postfix. The clients should be 
able to handle logging into your imap to use their mail.

If you have mail directed to you then you'll probably have to 
setup DNS/Postfix/IMAP. 

I'd also suggest procmail just so each user can do what they 
want with their own mail delivery.

Lance Levsen,
Systems Administrator,
PWGroup - Saskatoon

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