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Re: mail-config?

On Thu, Aug 01, 2002 at 02:49:25PM -0600, Lance Levsen wrote:
> > What should I install to get mail to work?
> > I have a small network:
> > -1 debian gateway
> > -2 debian boxes
> > -4 Win98 PC (sorry, the kids are teached at school with word, excel etc.)
> > Frank.
> I'd suggest Postfix/Courier IMAP. If you have the mail hosted 
> elsewhere on an POP or IMAP server then add fetchmail to get 
> the mail and dump it into postfix. The clients should be 
> able to handle logging into your imap to use their mail.


Though I use uw-imapd instead of Courier. The general consensus is Courier
is better, but I went with uw-imapd because it was "lighter", and I had
legacy non-Maildir mailboxes.

Courier is nearly 1MB installed including ssl and support packages, compared
to 350K for uw-imapd-ssl. Courier uses a seperate authdaemon and
serverdaemon, whereas uw-imapd uses the normal inetd. Courier looked like
overkill for my system.

If I was starting from scratch, I'd probably go with Maildir and Courier
because of it's glowing reports.

> If you have mail directed to you then you'll probably have to 
> setup DNS/Postfix/IMAP. 
> I'd also suggest procmail just so each user can do what they 
> want with their own mail delivery.


For DNS I'm using pdnsd, which is a light caching dns proxy with persistant
cache contents so it can serve cached DNS contents from bootup without
bringing up a link. It has good support for casual dialup, though I'm
actually using it for a perm link. The other thing it does that is nice is
it can serve up the contents of /etc/hosts via DNS, allowing you to very
simply create your own private DNS system, ideal for local masq'ed networks.

ABO: finger abo@minkirri.apana.org.au for more info, including pgp key

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