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Hi Debian people.

reading this list for a few weeks I want to put foreward this mail-question.

What should I install to get mail to work?
I have a small network:
-1 debian gateway
-2 debian boxes
-4 Win98 PC (sorry, the kids are teached at school with word, excel etc.)

At the moment one of the Win98 collects all the mail through the debian-gateway.

What I want is that the gateway collects the mail from the ISP every time the dial-in connection gets up
and every PC collect its mail from the gateway (running iptables) when they question the gateway for it.
The gateway is NOT running as a DNS-server and uses NAT.

What software needs to be installed on each machine?
exim or postfix on the gateway?
1 debianbox runs kde, is this sufficient for collecting and sending mail?
1 debian box runs only bash/csh. What do I put here.
What should be configured/changed on the WinPC's.

In short. I don't ask how to configure exim/postfix/whatever but only what
software to put where.

Thank you all for your patients and help.

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