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Re: POP3 and SMTP server for an ISP


I have the same problem.
I like to use postgresSQL for my user database (mail-acounts, 
virtualhosts, dns,...) but now I have problems to handel around 
1000 Clients with 10 Pop3 each or multi-drop-box.

Can anyone link me to resources to do that ???

Many thanks in advance


Michelle's Internet-Service
Alte Zoll Strasse 17
77694 Kehl am Rhein

Am 10:02 23.02.2001 +0100 haben Roger Abrahamsson geschrieben:
>Hello again.
>I've been closely following this thread, and I was wondering what sort of
>system that would be recommendable for 50.000+ users? No local access and
>no home directories is wanted, but pure mass hosting. Maildirs I assume is
>I've tried some programs, but they fail horribly when the system gets
>big. I have been wondering about file system limitations too. Say you have
>5000 users in each subtree and they have between 100 and 30.000 emails in
>their folders. (The large figure is an example of a smartass like me. lol)
>Preferrable all user authentication is done in MySQL or other SQL server.
>Any recommendations, ideas or so??
>/Roger Abrahamsson
>Roger Abrahamsson, Sys/Net Admin, Obbit AB
>Radhusespl.17D, S-90328 Umea, Sweden
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